What do learners want?

Nowadays, learners need and ask for dynamism while attending university.

The need stems from the conventional way of life: sitting for university exam without being ensured about employability. The number of unemployed bachelors and post-graduates is growing constantly. Learners should know their target and flow for each stage of life.

They also ask for dynamism as a choice. Nowadays, people talk, shop, hang around and learn in their own ways. Accordingly services are blooming and constantly personalized to suit each and everyone’s needs and habits.

To learn, we need books and teachers. Books provide knowledge why teachers provide answering and troubleshooting in times of difficulties. While knowledge was once rare and people were circulating old books, knowledge is no longer rare with the advent of internet and its content such as Wikipedia, YouTube, MOOC. A person can self-teach at no cost almost anything on the Internet, as long as he or she want and know how to.

Internet also helps us to find teachers more easily. Professional communities are connected online to encourage people to share professional knowledge. By being persistent, eager to learn and to ask, we can find suitable teachers.

With all prepared, why can few people take advantage of the power of the Internet in learning?

What do learners need to learn, or what are the disadvantages of MOOC?

It may be easy to quickly learn about something on the Internet, but to study a course is not. Completion rates for MOOC courses are pretty low, even for charged ones. Dropout rates are high even for well-designed courses with good lecturers. It can be accounted to the fact that people need social pressure and peer pressure to push through till the end when they encounter difficulty.

To complete an online course, learners need two things: the ability to maintain self-directing, self-motivating and the ability to study online. They need to give up the habit of studying passively, going with the flow and build the habit of study actively, independently.

Malcolm Knowles said: “Most of us only know how to be taught, we haven’t learn how to learn.” If we have the abovementioned abilities, learners can learn whatever they want.

What is FUNiX Way?

FUNiX Way is an extensive solution to help learners self-teach online, effectively make use of the vast knowledge source and connected professional communities. By taking advantages of technologies and modern motivation management models, FUNiX Way helps learners quickly build and maintain the ability to study online. FUNiX Way’s slogan is “teaching does not compare to motivating, learning does not compare to asking.” “Motivating” is how we help learners build self-teaching habit, and “asking” is the expression of active learning. FUNiX Way helps them learn “in their own way” by creating an environment that maintains studying incentives and trains self-teaching skills.

The purpose of FUNiX Way’s program is to ultimately make learners confident and competent in the digital environment, able to make money with the profession they have chosen to learn or to use what they have learned to work better at their current job. We also aim to make them motivated and capable of improve their skills, able to join specialized projects and join professional communities as a responsible member.

FUNiX Way affects the progress of building the program, admitting and implementing the program for learners.

Building the program in FUNiX Way

  • Long-term programs are divided into Certificates so that learners can start working as soon as they finish each Certificate, and working up their professional ladder.
  • Each certificates include 4-5 Modules, each Module can be studied within 4 to 6 weeks. There is no limit on learner’s pace.
  • Studying resources are from the best sources on the Internet, by most reputational organizations and authors. Original resources in English are accompanied by Vietnamese subtitles to help learns practice their language skills.
  • Studying contents are divided into units, each lasting 5-10 minutes, so that learners can make use of their free time blocks to study, anytime, anywhere.

Admitting in FUNiX Way

  • Learners must show their readiness to study online, and be aware of the importance of self-motivation and self-teaching online.
  • New learners are introduced to and can communicate with old learners to find out and evaluate their readiness.

Implementing teaching and studying in FUNiX Way

  • Q&A, immediately, with Mentors. During online studying sessions, learners are immediately connected to professionals of the related area – FUNiX Mentors, to answer their questions or resolve their difficulties. Mentors are working professionals so they can provide the most updated and diverse knowledge to learners.
  • Be evaluated during the process by asking questions. If they are really into learning, students should always have questions. Questioning skill is also important for future jobs, especially in a global environment. As for skill modules, students are evaluated through assignment during the process to timely supplement what is missing.
  • Closely watched and supported during the process. Each learner has a supporting official (Hannah) to welcome and accompany. Hanna will motivate student so that they maintain eagerness, know their difficulties and overcome those difficulties. Using FARS model (based on Situational Leader), Hannah understands learners’ mentality and obstacles from time to time and takes proper actions. Hannah can help boost completion rates by multiple times.
  • Participate in professional communities.FUNiX is a professional communities where learners are newcomers and mentors are predecessors. FUNiX Way focuses on the construction and enforcement of inter-communication in the community to create the best environment for learners to study and find a job. Once learners enter the university, they have established a professional relationship with their future recruiters. Offline events also help improve online interaction quality of the community.
  • Information and Management Infrastructure.FUNiX does not own large buildings. FUNiX’s lecture halls and management infrastructure is an IT system including applications for studying and managing. Studying system ensures learners can study anytime, anywhere by readily connecting learns and mentors, grading and organizing exams. Managing system and dashboard timely provide accurate information for learners, Hannahs and departments.

Quality and tuition fee in FUNiX Way?

By personalizing learning progress, choosing top lectures and connecting with mentors both online and offline, FUNiX Way creates the best route for learners, as long as they are eager to follow that route. The knowledge they receive is hands-on knowledge from professionals, accompanied by best theory lectures. FUNiX believes in and aims for online teaching quality that is on par with or even better than traditional teaching.

FUNiX’s Way programs require an appropriate tuition fee to cover the aforementioned activities. Students are not liable for unrelated modules and can fasten their learning progress to save time and earn study grants for future courses. Moreover, after finishing first Certificates, students can work and combine working and studying to save money for courses.