Online Learning

Everything have moved Online: Reading online newspapers, online shopping, social networking apps, booking tickets online. So why can't Education? Learning online is definitely the way to go and is in line with latest society trends.

At FUNiX , our online learning model has proved to be superior in many aspects in comparison to traditional educational models. That's why FUNiX advocates for the use of our content and methodology to learn. By studying at FUNiX, you do not need to go to schools and physical classes, yet still have absolute control over your time, space and progress while learning.


Students can study as and they desire to do so.

During the course, students will be supported by mentor in fixed time frames: from 8pm to 11pm Monday - Saturday. On Sundays, FUNix will open up 2 more mentoring shifts: from 9am to 11am and from 3pm to 5pm.


FUNiX uses the lectures of the world's leading professors, and post them online as MOOC. Students can access learning materials from any device connected to the internet: smart phones, desktops, tablets, laptops, etc. More References to additional content are also available online.

Q & A with Mentors:

* Another important value that FUNIX brings to its students is the early connection between its students and the mentors - the future employers. This is to foster relationships, collaborations and for these mentors to spot talents along our students.

* FUNiX integrates Facebook as the main QnA interface since most of our target students and mentors already have Facebook accounts. They can be easily reached so as to maximize learning.

Hannah supported learning:

As soon as you officially become a FUNiX student, a training account called "Hannah" will use Facebook to facilitate the exchange between you and the mentors. Please do not consult the mentors directly, because your question will not be counted.

Contact your Hannah support center by sending a student ID code and your questions through "Ask a Mentor" button found at the bottom right of your LMS. Hannah will help connect you with the right mentor to help with your questions. Hanah is always online in the above stipulated time-frame, but do not be afraid to leave a message for help even if you encounter problems at times outside of the stipulated working hours. She will assist you at the soonest.

Join the community:

Students will be enrolled in a large, diverse (all age and professional) IT community consisting of thousands of working professionals (mentors) and fellow FUNiX students.

Every month, FUNiX will have an offline day called xDay on the first Sunday of each month at the same time in Hanoi, HCMC and Singapore. This is a direct space for the FUNiX community to share their knowledge and experiences with one another through xTalk, xNetworking, xBeer sessions.

The FUNiX Scoring System is evaluated through a stringent process, and focuses on the output through its assignments. A subject is evaluated based on three main points with specific weight as follows:

1. Attendance (15% weight) : Corresponds to attendance and number of valid questions with mentor (class participation). Minimum of 8 questions per subject. Questions are also valid when they are consulted through the Hannah-FUNiX site or confirmed by the Division of Administration and Training when the student participates in the coaching process (cf. 1-1).

2. Process Control Point (60%):

* Theoretical points (20%): Students need to complete 100% of the quiz.

* Practical placement (40%): Small lab and assignment. Rating assignments need> 0

3. Final examination scores (25%): Exams are taken in the form of oral interviews with experts, online exams via skype or offline (on xDay) in Singapore.

4. The structure of the assessment may vary by subject and is specified in the Detailed Syllabus in each subject. Students should pay special attention to information on the Test Conditions in this Syllabus to ensure the completion of pre-registration conditions and completion of the course.

Guaranteed Placements

FUNiX guarantees internship/employment placements when a student completes the first 3 certifications at FUNix in Vietnam. FUNiX has signed a cooperation agreement with FPT Software Vietnam. If you are interested in gaining software engineering experiences working among / along side the most talented software engineers in ASEAN; Or simply want to experience work-life and play in Vietnam, FUNix is a must for you.

FPT Software will accept FUNix students as soon as they have completed 3 certificates. At the end of their tenure placements, these students will become fully qualified IT engineers, receive a college degree accredited by MoET (MOE Vietnam) and have the opportunity to become full-time employees of real companies.

See also: Cooperation agreement between FPT Software and FUNiX

Besides FPT Software, FUNiX Singapore will continue to bring onboard many more software development and software product companies in Singapore. So that our students will have more selections of placements abroad and locally.

Software Engineering Degree

When students complete 8 semesters (equivalent to 8 certificates) of FUNiX, they are eligible for the University Degree. A software engineering degree at FPT University,

which is recognized by the Ministry of Education and Training in Vietnam, and can be used to further study for Master’s and PhD degrees on FUNix.

FUNiX students will be awarded the Degree as above. This Degree of Engineer certificate is widely accepted by companies in the IT industry.

Degree Syllabus

The software engineering training program at FUNiX consists of 8 semesters corresponding to 8 different skills in the programming profession (completing the period of obtaining that skill certificate)

Each session lasts from 4 to 6 months (depending on the learner’s pace).

After completing the 8 semesters, the student is qualified to become an IT Engineer and will receive a Bachelor Degree accredited by the Ministry of Education and Training Vietnam. This degree can be used to continue on Masters and PhD with FUNix and its partner universities.

Certificate 1

List of courses for Digital Passport Certificate - Certified Digital Citizen

* How to learn online at FUNiX - How to study online at FUNiX

* Mastering your Computer

* Becoming an Digital Citizen - Become a Citizen

* Building your first website - Build your first website

* Creating your first program (with Javascript) - Build your first software

After completing this certification, students have the ability to use computers and proficiency tools. They will be able to build their own website and understand simple programming. Students will also know how to use communication and search tools in the workplace. Students will be fully equipped with computer support skillsets and are able to conduct and assist business online.

Benefits after the semester

* Creating your own website

* Simple programming in Front-End Programming

* Understand the use of online tools for contacts and job searches

* Online Entrepreneur

Create your own website, simple programming and can join the project to build Front-End for the website. Know how to live on-line safely and use online tools such as contact and job search, either as a computer support professional or online entrepreneur.

Career opportunities

* Website Design (Web Developer / Web Designer)

* IT Helpdesk Support

* System Management (Network / Systems Administrator)

* Office / administrative / clerical staff

Certificate 2

List of courses for Mobile Application Developer Certificate - Certified Mobile Developer

* Introduction to Computer Science - Introduction to Computer Science

* Object-Oriented Programming (with Java) - Object Oriented Programming (in Java)

* Mobile Programming - Mobile Programming

* Game Development - Game Development or User Interface

* Online lab 1

After completing this certification, students have the ability to create mobile applications and games. They will be able to join a company providing mobile apps development services.

Benefits after the semester

* Mobile and Game programming knowledge.

* Able to create their own mobile apps

Career opportunities

* Mobile game developer / mobile app developer

* Web Developer

Certificate 3

List of courses for Enterprise Application Developer Certificate - Certified Enterprise Applications developer

* Database Systems

* Desktop Java Applications - Developing Java desktop applications

* Data Structures and algorithm (DSA) - Data structures and algorithms (with Java)

* Web-based Applications - Web Application Development

* Online Lab 2

Students will learn and practice software development skills needed for large scale projects

Benefit after the semester

* Understand the basics of Database

* Setting up and manipulation of data management systems

* Build and develop practical applications on the Desktop and also web applications with CRUD of data stored in the Database management systems

* Java programming

Career opportunities

* Mobile Game Developer / Mobile App Developer

* Web Developer

* Java Developer

Certificate 4

List of courses for Industry Attachment Certificate - Certificate of proficiency in the IT workplace

* Cybersecurity - Network security

* IT Project Management - Project Management IT

* Ethics in IT - Ethics in IT

* Business Communication

* Entrepreneurship

This is an independent certification and students will have access to addition and necessary skills to help develop themselves in the IT industry.

Benefits after the semester

* Understand information security, ethics in the IT profession and communication skills in work and business

* IT project management

* Pre-Sales knowledge for IT projects

Career opportunities

* System Administration / Operations (IT)

* IT project manager

* Pre-Sales for IT

Certificate 5

List of subjects Basic Software Engineer Certificate - Certified software engineer basic

* Introduction to Software Engineering

* Software Requirements

* Software Architecture and Design

* Software Quality Assurance and Testin

* Online Lab 3

Achieving this certification, students will master the entire software development process. From taking customer requirements, building the architecture and ensuring product quality. Understanding the strict process you can confidently apply to the leading software companies in Vietnam.

Benefit after the semester

* Mastery of entire software development processes

Career opportunities

* Full programmer, IT engineer

* Technical leader

* Tester

* QA / QC software

Certificate 6

List of Courses for Information Systems Professional Certificate - Certified Information Systems Specialist

* Elective 1 - Big data - Big data

* Elective 2 - Cloud Computing - Cloud computing

* Discrete Mathematics

* Operating System & Computer Network - Operating System & Computer Network

* Online Lab 4

Achieving this certification, students have knowledge of information technology-oriented processes, grasping the background of operating systems and computer networks.

Benefits after the semester

* Big Data and Cloud Computing knowledge

Career opportunities

* IT engineer

* IT engineer Specializing in cloud / big data

* Programmer

* Technical leader

* Head of Information Technology (IT Manager)

Certificate 7

List of Courses for Pre-Graduation Certificate

* Advanced Mathematics for Engineering - Advanced Mathematics for Engineering

* Statistics and Probability

This certificate provides the foundation of scientific thinking, mastering theoretical knowledge and social economics.

Benefit after the semester

* Knowledge in Advanced Mathematics

Career opportunities

* IT engineer

* IT engineer specializing in cloud / big data

* Programmer

* Technical leader

* Head of Information Technology (IT Manager)

Certificate 8

Software Engineer Capstone Project - Graduated Software Engineer

* Capstone project - Graduation certificate: Certificate 8, students will complete the graduation project (equivalent to 10 credits)

The graduation project will help students consolidate and exercise all the knowledge they have learned in previous certificates. After finishing this final certificate, students will receive a degree in Software Engineering from FUNiX University.

Career opportunities

* Programmer

* Technical leader

* Head of Information Technology (IT Manager) - with 5-7 years experience in the field

* Chief Information Officer (CIO) - with 7-10 years experience in IT

Tuition fees of FUNiX are based on each certificate. Students can complete the curriculum in 2-7 years, depending on the speed and learning pace of each student. They can make an effort to learn quickly, and make their way to the workforce early.

In addition to tuition fees and enrollment admin fee of S$20 (*), students do not have to pay any additional costs. See more here.

Tuition fees for certificates
Certificate Tuition
Certificate 1 - Certificate of Citizenship S$1,300
Certificate 2 - Mobile application programmer certificate S$1,700
Certificate 3 - Certified Business Application Programmer S$1,700
Certificate 4 - Expertise in IT work environment S$1,300
Certificate 5 - Certificate in Basic Software Engineer S$1,800
Certificate 6 - Certified Information Systems Specialist S$1,800
Certificate 7 - Certificate of graduation S$900
Certificate 8 - Graduation project S$1,500